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Friday, January 23, 2015

A sad Life What To DO?

I feel I can right about this and get it off my chest because there will be no fall back, but this is bothering me for sometime and I need to release. And the reason there will be no fall back is that no one reads my stupid blog. But I wanna talk about crack and how it effects me and my love ones. Just so that you know I am not on CRACK!!

It feels so right, what an evil treat.
Hunger pains gnaw yet you cannot eat. 
You'll never defeat this hell you've created. 
Is it everything you anticipated?
Your happiness faded, your world now black. 
Running endeavor forever, you can never go back.

The devil has you and will devour you whole. 
Lifeless and pathetic, you've sold your soul. 
You can't get out, you can't escape. 
Just one hit is all it takes. 
Sketching, crashing, uncontrollable shakes. 
Delusions, confusion, your heart now breaks.

The sweet taste you'll always crave. 
The addiction you'll fight until your grave. 
Random rage you can't explain. 
Guilt and sadness, forever pain. 

Awake for days without sleep. 
Inhale the smoke, smooth and deep. 
Inhuman pleasure as you release your breath.
That will soon decease and turn to death. 
Your tongue goes numb, such a rush. 
Tingling touch, your cheeks feel flushed.

Never enough, you need much more. 
Panic paranoia, shut and lock the door. 
Absorbed to the core and lost in thought. 
Laying on the floor waiting to rot.
Sought for help but nobody cares. 
Cold and scared, disgusted stares.

You're beginning to look like the rest of them. 
Frantically searching for your friend. 
Under the couch? Under the table? 
Another statistic; another label.

You greedily need
another hit. 
One after another, you cannot quit. 
A bottomless pit of sorrows and lies. 
Consuming your mind, you won't be fine.
Blinded by the crackling rock. 
Trapped in a room with an unbreakable lock.

You'll depend on it for happiness.
But the bliss you feel doesn't really exist.

Haunting you in your nightmare dreams.
Open your mouth to release silent screams. 
Help me please, take it all away.
Pull me back when I go astray.

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