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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My strongest weakness

The keeper of the gates of wisdom
Please let me in
Cause I just can't go thru another heartache again 
Pretty lies and alibis
How could I be so blind
Now alone scared of staying
Slowly going out of mind

He was my strongest weakness
I surround him heart and soul
It's gonna be a long long time
Til I regain control
I'm still a prisoner
Held captive by his memory
He was my strongest weakness 
And I'm afraid he'll always be

I gave my faithful heart to someone
Who couldn't understand
How he held my little world
In the palm of his hand
Now he's gone and like goes own
So if this would ever end
Will I be afraid to risk all
Ever fall in love again
 He was  my strongest weakness
I surround him heart and soul
It's gonna be a long long time
Til I regain control
I'm still a prisoner
Held captive by hs memory
He was my strongest weakness
And I'm afraid he'll always be
He was my strongest weakness 
And I'm afraid he'll always be

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I bet somebody gonna eventually say this about my blog but frack you it's mine to tell

This is people will say when they finally realize omg Kennys writing a blog and he may spilled thing that people don't know about me, oh I hate that bitch, and I be like just emptying all this data in my head so I can try and think. So get over it, you shouldn't have done whatever I might tell or not tell just wait your turn if I even get to you not everyone is really that important to me or even matters but I can say there will be dirt about some people that I used to know in a little city call providence mostly good things but I got some bad things to say like en vogue said free your mind and the rest will follow!!!!!

If I wait for just a second more nor I forget what I came here for. My head was full of things to say, but as I open my lips all the words slip away. Oh no and anyway, I can't believe you want to turn the page. And move your life into another stage. You can change the chapter, you can change the book, but the story remains the same if you take a look. For the time we've had I don't wanna be a page in your diary. For the good and bad I don't want to be a page in your diary babe. For the happy the sad I don't want to be another page in your diary. 

Perhaps if I'd held you I could win again. I could take your hands we talking maybe then. That look in your eyes, I always recognize would tell me everything is gonna be fine, your gonna be mine for a long time. For the time we've had I don't wanna be a page in your diary. For the good and bad I don't wanna to be a page in your diary babe. For the happy the sad I don't wanna be another page in your diary. For the happy the sad I don't wanna be just just another page in your HIStory!!!!!!!

Is it an abusive relationship?

Your not a stranger to me and you well you something to see you don't really no how to please. You say a lot but you unaware how to lead. My darling lives in a world that is not much, and old child miss understood every time. Timeless is the creature who is one. And timeless is the prisoner in the sky. Oh you is the beauty beneath the beast would you die of grieving when I leave. Two children too blind to see. I would fall in your shadows I believe. My love is a man who's not been tamed. My love lives in a world that calls pleasure his pain. We come from different worlds but we are the same my love. I never doubted your beauty of chains. I've never doubted your beauty of chains. Who is the beauty, where is my beast. My love there is no beauty without my beast. 

What I did for?

Well right now I'm just sitting on a plane at least 38000 ft and I'm just gonna talk about shit that I feel I wanna tell you. So I'll tell you how some of you don't realize that I never consider myself fully homosexual, I've been with women, but there was one that was very special to me always and will always still be that one. We had great chemistry, we've met a sleep away camp we both was working at one in lake como pa and she was from the United Kingdom so we had hit it off very well in fact we were inseparable that whole summer. We had the same days off, Sally was the most beautiful girl in the world to me, she was my one true female lover that still can take my breathe away. I do miss her, and I hope to see her when I go to England in 2016 for my 50th birthday. So back to us it was one of the best times of my life, she worked with the horses so we would go out for picnics in a nice secluded area and just bask in he glow of happiness. She taught me how to ride a horse and wow the sheer power of them is incredible they are a magnificent beauty. I being foolish said to her I wanna but the horse that we use to ride and she said your silly where you gonna put it when you get home, silly me she was right be axis I lived in Newark New Jersey and in the project too boot. So that didn't happened but we have something else that's special to us just like the horse was special. Funny as I'm typing all this goo goo gaga one of our favorite song is on my phone playing I'm gonna try to keep up and put in on here, and maybe you can understand our love: 

Finders not keepers and all that's just left is just reminders love in pieces but every dust are just memories that linger so long a heartache that keeps hanging on just wondering were it all went wrong and whether I can start on you oh but I could never miss you more than I do loving you like this so I could never miss more then I do loving you like this so I could never miss you more then I do. 

Beggars can't be choosers and I've had my share of backing nothing but losers. But if I search the whole world over from coast to coast your the one that I need the most if I comb this land from coast to coast who would take the place of you but I could never miss you more then I do loving you like this so I could never miss you more then I do more then I do baby loving you like this so I could never miss you more then I dd I could have love you any better I could have love you anymore because I spend each and every second each and every hour hoping you'll be at my door loving you like this so I could never miss you more then I do more then I do baby loving you like this so I could never miss you more then I do. What a fabulous song by lulu thanks for the memories..

Vacation Part 2

Ok sitting on the plane since 7:50 pm, they decided to swap pilots so they took out pilot for somewhere else and our new one wasn't  even on land and was coming from punta Cana. They said they'd be here by 8:30 ok so now that time has came and passed. Then I got a text saying well be leaving at 8:45...not now it's 9:17 and still nothing. I'm really starting to hate United airlines and now they want us to pay for direct tv. And we've sitting on a fucking plane with nothing #unitedairlinessuck never again. I was watching Buffy the vampire slayer but now they want money they are fucking kykes, so we are supposed to be leaving the stupid ass flight attendants are doing that stupid in case of emergency and where are the exits the retarded oxygen mask, the floatation devices and let's not forget to fasten your seatbelt. If something happens it's the pilots fault because he came from the Dominican Republic and then flies right back out to Fort Lauderdale. Omg the lights went out I think we're going to be taking off its now 9:27. Maybe they didn't pay their electric bill because lights off and we are still stopped position nothing no movement what so ever. Now the dumbass pilot makes an apology because of the delay and we are waiting for the other planes to move from behind us, bullshit they should now make them wait so we can go. And now it's 9:25 and we are backing up, really sometimes it sucks to go on vacation because it's always the airlines that fuck it up for you. And they don't inform you until after so they are behind in times. You know I was born and raised in Newark New Jersey but I wanna get the fuck out of here. Oh let me show you this beautiful pic
Isn't that bullshit oh well good thing I got my iPad and iPhone I can listen to music and the shows I got downloaded. Oh my 9:40 and we are taxiing on  to the runway this might be it yes I thought no we are gonna be going this time for sure, oops I think I spoke to soon now we stopped no wait now we are moving again and going fairly fast but not that fast where you know you're taking off!!! I'm so tired and the first lane has about 50 people on it, so me and Orlando have our own row of seats lolπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Ok now we stopped again hopefully we'll be ramming on the runway I will try and snap a picture of Newark from the sky.  Ok we are getting reved up to go it's exciting here we go faster and faster and faster now the wheels are off the land at 9:48
Ok so that's a part of Newark oooowww one more because it's looks good 
And I could do what I want because it's my blog and my peeps don't read this anyway. Now we have turbulence right in the beginning this ride is gonna suck gotta take a break.  

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Well today is March 21 2015 and we are going to Florida to visit our girl Lola and her family. Well I got up at 8am to take Orlando to his last client before our vaca. So then we went to get donuts from honey dew omg almost $9.00 for a dozen donuts. But they also have willow tree buffalo chicken salad so I asked the girl can I get a little sample so I know what it taste like holy crap it was really good. So we went home from there and ate our breakfast and then we started to get ready to get settoleave he replied colour to my hair 
Looks really good. Then I cut his hair yeah I know I'm not a barber but I tried my best and he looks so handsome when he cleans up. Ok so we showered and just sat waiting for his sister Brenda to come and get us. So we have our bags packed and we left at 2:30pm to providence tf green airport, everything was so easy checking in and going thru tsa was a breeze. So we went to do our favorite thing when we start our vacation have a cocktail then we become relax and at peace with each other and the world, kinda of like we're on our honeymoon every time it's perfect he becomes the man I fell in love with. So he order a martini with three olives on a stick he thinks he the Puerto Rican James Bond lol, and me a blueberry martini, 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸oh I forgot to mention that we were at Wolfgang Pucks, so we got the bill because they had no appetizer and holy fucking Batman it was $30.00 for 2 drinks. I was fucking in bitch mode and I don't care my Jewish side came out and there was no way I was tipping especially when they didn't really have anything good there just blueberry vodka, at least legal seafood they have it all. And I might add if that jerk wanted a tip he probably should have at least warn us how much a drink was. Shit a other airports I could get four drinks for that amount of money.

So now we are a bit hungry and went to Johnny Rockets and got cheese fries omg they were really good🍟 and we sat down and ate them, then they started to board our flight and I'm in 8c and he's in 9c but that's keel, so the lady that was sitting with me wanted to know if I would switch seat with her friend so they can be together and I said yes, but it was so funny we are on a flight that has only 2 kids and the little boy is coming up the aisle and then turn to the lady that now sittin in my seat and punches her in the arm!!! OMG!!! I would have fucked that kid up if that was me, and the lady waited until they passed and she said if that was my child I would have knocked his fucking little ass out for the rest of the flight. And I was thinking that wow that could have been me thank you Jesus. So now we are in the air and I am blogging about this as we head to Newark international airport. Well we descending into Newark my old hometown be back later.heres Orlando 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

This song has a very emotional part in some aspects of me life

Saturday, March 7, 2015

April 1996

Ok so it's just fringing horrible outsider. And so I'll go on with my story, so I got the job at Home Depot and met a nice guy who's name was Donald. So it was weird living in a new place especially for me seeing how I lived in new jersey for 27 years, but it was refreshing. So I really enjoyed my job as well as dating someone, because to be honest that was the first time I was dating anyone. I was not the dating person it was always wham bam thank you man, it was a never ending one night stands, I was a kid in the candy store especially when you go to New York on Friday and return home on Monday. But now I've moved to Rhode Island started a new job and started dating. So needless to say this will be the short version I may add bits and pieces of the story in depth at a later time. So me and Donald dated for over a year but things was great but I think as lovers we weren't connected but I'd like to think of us better as friends now. So we broke up wasn't a good break up but that's because I was angry at him, here's why because my brother was getting married on the 21 of June 1997 and Donald was going with me. I had a plan to break up with him the day after, but he got the upper hand and broke up withme the day before and still went to the wedding with me, but that was a long time ago and I know it was for the best. It's just that I wanted to do it and I hated that he got to me first I'm usually in control of this shit but this caught me off guard. 

So shortly after that I've met a new friend named Henry Martin Hall aka Martin we've became great friends and his partner Fitzgerald himmelsbach and we formed a great friendship  I have work the bars for fitz I met so many people through my years in Providence Jade love a.k.a. Mark Roy, Frank and don aka Laquita peron and cany wills duberry. Oh and then there was Bobby Bruno The one that got away Then there were several others like CCChanel there was so many drag queens to see so many partying with non-stop all the alcohol you can drink all the free drugs  and all the rave it was the best time of my life. I was bartending DJ  everything and was pretty well known in the community. I DJ one of the mostest test night for Union street station and the providence eagle, providence first night time pride parade. I've done the block parties, the walk of shame a lot but I had always my best friend with me and I really don't miss the lifestyle but I've missed my friends at least I thought they were my friends don't get me wrong I've talk to several of them now and then but there two that hurt me and that's Jade Love and Martin Hall. But enough of that this brings us to June 2001and the man that was meant for me used a cheesy pickup line " hey you got beautiful blue eye" for as long as I live I'll always remember how we met, I love you Orlando and always will now I am ending this but I'll add more to this story because there is a huge gap and wonderfully adventures to tell from 1997 to 2002 when I worked in the gay culture scene only so if you want to hear more stay in touch because I will not have any filters you will know me for who I am peace and love for now✌️😍