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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Up up and away!!!

So we began our vacation as usual stuck at the fuckiinng airport but we were prepared as one can be credit cards and cash because it meant drinking like its th end of the world as most stupid new engkanders think. So we went to legal seafood and ate lunch and had three watermelon martinis and then 2 island punch and a pomerrrgrante lemon martini so fucked up right now. All and all we were in the airport for 4 hours before we boarded the plane. So now I am stuck n a plane where someone's ass is fucking just nasty farting and I can't breathe. Really this is so fuckiinng gross!!!!
So now it's  fuckig 5:25 a and we are already 3 hours behind but they are. Servings cocktails and I am getting a couple right now like fireball and captain and. Coke. And on the menu is buzzballs gonna try it. I am open to new things and fuck it you only live once. Shot shot shot shot shot get fucked up until you can't remember where your going to. And now to boot some fucking twat. Is complaining that I'm loud well I got me headphones on and some cunt had to fat. Not once but twice. So fuck you I paid fairly to say what I want and this is fucking the United States of America home of free fucking speech you fuckiinng nasty twat bitch or your fucking cum guzzler. Now after thinking about it fuck these mother fucking used tampons eating. Blood suckers, you can suck on my fuucking left nut and make the right one jealous. Fuck you paid like a rally cheap rate too think you fucking own the whole facing plane you fuucking cocksuckiing douche bag who had to be pulled from your mothers rotten smells like rigamordous 100 year old pussy with a fucking dog bone. So all I have to say is fuck sprit a airlines becaus they fuckiinng suck monkey balls, and to say I'm fucking noisy bitch eat my ass after I take a dump you fuckiinng fugue sucker. This isn't a real airlines because if it was e.  Would hav better service Ann no fucking kikes and dumb assholes ho can shit their pagans and we should just accept the shit and smellI it as if is a dozen roses ell fuck off you. Fuucking twatty cos sucking cum guzzler who're flight atendant because you might. Think your the queen but bitch I so out. Rule your ass any day.mother fucking faggot. Ok so on that note I am gonna take a break and drink my buzzballs.
Holy shit that's potent ginger mule buzzballs, whoa that's as rally some strong shit now I'm even more fucked up then before and I gotta be nice bruise I don't wanna fuck up some dumb ass US Marshall because he's gonna say some shit that's gonna set off the Queen Bitch in me and then I have no control over what I do or say.  Sorry I am gonna say it because I can (because I know the meaning) I will get fucking really fucking all niggerish on his or her ass, and fuck shoe my fucking fist right up up their ass never mind snitches get stitches your fucking ass will need surgery to repair the fucking gape in it you mother fucking smegmug. Alright that's it to right now..... Taking a potty break!!!!!

ATL!!!! Bitches

'So we are now re in Atlanta for like 10 minutes ant then off we go over the rainbow you silly faggots to see the evil witch Lola for some Botox or what ever bitcheds because yes like Carly Simon said your s0 vain, yes I am vain and I really don't care what people think of me, because the people that matter know me and love me for me and I don't care what anyone else thinks..  I am a person that will commit to you and what you believe in but if you lie to me I will fucking gut you like a fish because ou used my kindness or weakness. What's a broken heart?  It ain't no big deal I'll just all. Over again . Because someday will all be together yes this is word from. Amuck. Crazy lunatic who can't put things in order. So if you can't udererstand then stop and leave you fucking dumb twat. Because to know me is to love me and most of you can't handle me because obviously your stupid so leave my oxygen so  I can live a little bit longerr.  
This is my RBF or blue steel wha t ever you wanna call it. People can throw their words shaper then a knife. It and leve me Cole in anther house on fire. Fuck it you people think you know me butt you don't nor will you ever because I choose to let in my heart to know the real me. So if you think you know me you reall are a stupid twat sucker because it took years to build my wall and there's no way that you can penetrate these barriers like my ass lol. 
All is fair in love  loves a crazy game to people vow to stay in lov as one they say. But all is change time the fuuture known can see. The road tou leave behind, a ahead lies mystery   That all is air in lol love I had to go away 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just feeling he blues

If only!!!!!!!!

Lost in the big world!!!

Well let's see how many feet was exiting to read this and respond to this. I've had put up so much from one person but to be honest I don't know how much longer I can do this. Everybody thinks who Kenny has everything in control he's a perv whenever I'm not I can see you're everything beyond motion heart ache. I just wish I can have someone to one person one person to be hey I'm here for you. My heart aches every day I contemplate doing stupid things I know I shouldn't do. I just want someone to be able to say hey Kenny I'm here for you what do you need let's go out let's talk. This whole thing sucks my whole life sucks I fucking start to hate everything about it I don't want to be around people. I sometimes can't even put things on Facebook I can't put words that I want to say because I'm afraid to offend people why should I worry about what they think because I really don't. My life is so fucking screwed and I hated fact that I have planned vacations already paid for but I really have no choice but to fucking go on them and I really don't want to go on. Just wish I had I know when I'm back beat whoever the hell up I wanted to. This is fucking useless… Putting down things in words would make me feel better it fucking doesn't own makes me feel worse fuck it nobody likes a complainer everybody's my roses smells like roses what I thought the fucking case good fucking day.