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Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14 2014

Grandma Gantz
This was taken at Nino's Pizza Parlor in Harrison New Jersey. This was my Grandmothers last mothers day in 1993. It was a really special day. we had fairly all the family there celebrating a women who has been and seen alot in here 70 years on earth. Looking at this picture now almost 22 years old I see great beauty but behind that even more great sadness. As I sit and type I wonder was she sad because she knew this would be her last Mothers day, was she sad because we didn't have everyone there. Or was it just sadness because she was tired of not having her true love there Joseph A Gantz her husband since November 21 1942 or her daughter Barbara Gantz who died March 16 1980, one will never know. But I do know this that she loved life to its fullest, she loved to go to BINGO every night, she loved the way I use to come home from work every night with new flowers that I would pick up for her at the flower shop in Penn Station in Newark New Jersey. She was a very proud person, which makes me think of how sometime she felt ashamed of how some of us kids and grandkids turn out. But she never said a thing about it she was always proud of us no matter what. Yes she was a strong Jewish woman, but was humble, we didn't have the luxury that people seem to think that all Jews have, but we had true unfiltered love. So I say on this being her 92nd birthday Happy Birthday you wonderful woman no one can ever replace, replicate a one of a kind DIVA!!!!!

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