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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Memories of 2014

It is now December 31 2014 and I know they have that stupid my time and facebook thru the years but this is my BLOG of my favorite times and little peek into my world of 2014 please comment and enjoy!!
this is Awlida, Orlando , Ma and myself in Las Vegas new years eve getting ready to party!!!

This is the fireworks display going off at 7 different buildis at the same time was majestic

Our day after as you can see we are tight.

I belive this was at Belliago botanical garden

What can I say love the hunks even if they are plastred on the elevator doors at the RIO

My little man loves cake.

some may say I have a drinking problem but I am right at home in a liquor stor of course lol

This was the best and last night I ever so my best friend again she has moved on with her life and thats kewl still love you babe..

Really pay phone do exsist in Canada

My favorite from Niagra Falls

Just us loving each other when we are not in New Bedford

What can I say I love me my White Castles!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from May when we went to Ohio my nephews and niece, Joey, mickey, and April

Me and my Aunt Delores

In Philly with my cuz Cindy

me and my niece Jennessa

The picture below is our 13 years together I know I don't say it or show it often but I love this man to death. He is my rock even when he doesn't know it

 This is my dad Thomas Smith JR
 Ma, Dimarie, and Orlando in June

My poor little Nico very tired

This is a special one because Xavier just graduted from school now off to voc he went

me and Xavier in P-Town that was a beautiful day

Hes never to big to be my baby lol

 Happy 14th Birthday Xavier

this was in Newport at Annies breakfast place

now this was at our friends Dianes wedding

Me being super chill as always

Look we our out for a drive and none of us look happy

just us goofing off love my boys

Now this was silly time

Just enjoying the good life 

he so happy he got to wear his new shirt

This is my Grandfather Thomas Smith SR

no words needed

love scooby doo

I feel pretty oh so pretty, hes my ham like it or not

our niece Chantelle

Our house for Xmas 2014

the gang having a wonderful dinner just before the crazy holidays kick i. Was a great night and really enjoy it with Bbo, Ron, Ronnie, Dave, and Orlando

This was the end of our fun night

my little man I'll turn him into a Doctor Who fan!!!!

What can I say Bow ties are cool

another sharp bow tie

whats that you still have another bow tie

Awilda, Ma, and me doing a shot of Cirroc 

starting christmas eve off now

me and Xman taking our yearly picture since he was one years old

love that yankee hat with the bow tie

Quatro amigos

Now christmas gets in high gear

oh the lovely Carmen tries to hang but whimpers out

And the final leg of this three hour tour most of you know or seen the drucken video of this moment but we are finally getting hitch

So inconclusion thats was some of what happened in 2014 and it ended on a high note and I hope next year will be the best year ever. I love you guys all and hope you have a wonderful New Years. This year I've said hello to new people and said goodbye to some old ones, but theres always room in my heart for new one so who ever you are I await your journey to the Wonderful Wacky and wierd life of Kenny  Peace

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