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Saturday, March 7, 2015

April 1996

Ok so it's just fringing horrible outsider. And so I'll go on with my story, so I got the job at Home Depot and met a nice guy who's name was Donald. So it was weird living in a new place especially for me seeing how I lived in new jersey for 27 years, but it was refreshing. So I really enjoyed my job as well as dating someone, because to be honest that was the first time I was dating anyone. I was not the dating person it was always wham bam thank you man, it was a never ending one night stands, I was a kid in the candy store especially when you go to New York on Friday and return home on Monday. But now I've moved to Rhode Island started a new job and started dating. So needless to say this will be the short version I may add bits and pieces of the story in depth at a later time. So me and Donald dated for over a year but things was great but I think as lovers we weren't connected but I'd like to think of us better as friends now. So we broke up wasn't a good break up but that's because I was angry at him, here's why because my brother was getting married on the 21 of June 1997 and Donald was going with me. I had a plan to break up with him the day after, but he got the upper hand and broke up withme the day before and still went to the wedding with me, but that was a long time ago and I know it was for the best. It's just that I wanted to do it and I hated that he got to me first I'm usually in control of this shit but this caught me off guard. 

So shortly after that I've met a new friend named Henry Martin Hall aka Martin we've became great friends and his partner Fitzgerald himmelsbach and we formed a great friendship  I have work the bars for fitz I met so many people through my years in Providence Jade love a.k.a. Mark Roy, Frank and don aka Laquita peron and cany wills duberry. Oh and then there was Bobby Bruno The one that got away Then there were several others like CCChanel there was so many drag queens to see so many partying with non-stop all the alcohol you can drink all the free drugs  and all the rave it was the best time of my life. I was bartending DJ  everything and was pretty well known in the community. I DJ one of the mostest test night for Union street station and the providence eagle, providence first night time pride parade. I've done the block parties, the walk of shame a lot but I had always my best friend with me and I really don't miss the lifestyle but I've missed my friends at least I thought they were my friends don't get me wrong I've talk to several of them now and then but there two that hurt me and that's Jade Love and Martin Hall. But enough of that this brings us to June 2001and the man that was meant for me used a cheesy pickup line " hey you got beautiful blue eye" for as long as I live I'll always remember how we met, I love you Orlando and always will now I am ending this but I'll add more to this story because there is a huge gap and wonderfully adventures to tell from 1997 to 2002 when I worked in the gay culture scene only so if you want to hear more stay in touch because I will not have any filters you will know me for who I am peace and love for now✌️😍

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