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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vacation Part 2

Ok sitting on the plane since 7:50 pm, they decided to swap pilots so they took out pilot for somewhere else and our new one wasn't  even on land and was coming from punta Cana. They said they'd be here by 8:30 ok so now that time has came and passed. Then I got a text saying well be leaving at 8:45...not now it's 9:17 and still nothing. I'm really starting to hate United airlines and now they want us to pay for direct tv. And we've sitting on a fucking plane with nothing #unitedairlinessuck never again. I was watching Buffy the vampire slayer but now they want money they are fucking kykes, so we are supposed to be leaving the stupid ass flight attendants are doing that stupid in case of emergency and where are the exits the retarded oxygen mask, the floatation devices and let's not forget to fasten your seatbelt. If something happens it's the pilots fault because he came from the Dominican Republic and then flies right back out to Fort Lauderdale. Omg the lights went out I think we're going to be taking off its now 9:27. Maybe they didn't pay their electric bill because lights off and we are still stopped position nothing no movement what so ever. Now the dumbass pilot makes an apology because of the delay and we are waiting for the other planes to move from behind us, bullshit they should now make them wait so we can go. And now it's 9:25 and we are backing up, really sometimes it sucks to go on vacation because it's always the airlines that fuck it up for you. And they don't inform you until after so they are behind in times. You know I was born and raised in Newark New Jersey but I wanna get the fuck out of here. Oh let me show you this beautiful pic
Isn't that bullshit oh well good thing I got my iPad and iPhone I can listen to music and the shows I got downloaded. Oh my 9:40 and we are taxiing on  to the runway this might be it yes I thought no we are gonna be going this time for sure, oops I think I spoke to soon now we stopped no wait now we are moving again and going fairly fast but not that fast where you know you're taking off!!! I'm so tired and the first lane has about 50 people on it, so me and Orlando have our own row of seats lolπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Ok now we stopped again hopefully we'll be ramming on the runway I will try and snap a picture of Newark from the sky.  Ok we are getting reved up to go it's exciting here we go faster and faster and faster now the wheels are off the land at 9:48
Ok so that's a part of Newark oooowww one more because it's looks good 
And I could do what I want because it's my blog and my peeps don't read this anyway. Now we have turbulence right in the beginning this ride is gonna suck gotta take a break.  

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