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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Well today is March 21 2015 and we are going to Florida to visit our girl Lola and her family. Well I got up at 8am to take Orlando to his last client before our vaca. So then we went to get donuts from honey dew omg almost $9.00 for a dozen donuts. But they also have willow tree buffalo chicken salad so I asked the girl can I get a little sample so I know what it taste like holy crap it was really good. So we went home from there and ate our breakfast and then we started to get ready to get settoleave he replied colour to my hair 
Looks really good. Then I cut his hair yeah I know I'm not a barber but I tried my best and he looks so handsome when he cleans up. Ok so we showered and just sat waiting for his sister Brenda to come and get us. So we have our bags packed and we left at 2:30pm to providence tf green airport, everything was so easy checking in and going thru tsa was a breeze. So we went to do our favorite thing when we start our vacation have a cocktail then we become relax and at peace with each other and the world, kinda of like we're on our honeymoon every time it's perfect he becomes the man I fell in love with. So he order a martini with three olives on a stick he thinks he the Puerto Rican James Bond lol, and me a blueberry martini, 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸oh I forgot to mention that we were at Wolfgang Pucks, so we got the bill because they had no appetizer and holy fucking Batman it was $30.00 for 2 drinks. I was fucking in bitch mode and I don't care my Jewish side came out and there was no way I was tipping especially when they didn't really have anything good there just blueberry vodka, at least legal seafood they have it all. And I might add if that jerk wanted a tip he probably should have at least warn us how much a drink was. Shit a other airports I could get four drinks for that amount of money.

So now we are a bit hungry and went to Johnny Rockets and got cheese fries omg they were really good🍟 and we sat down and ate them, then they started to board our flight and I'm in 8c and he's in 9c but that's keel, so the lady that was sitting with me wanted to know if I would switch seat with her friend so they can be together and I said yes, but it was so funny we are on a flight that has only 2 kids and the little boy is coming up the aisle and then turn to the lady that now sittin in my seat and punches her in the arm!!! OMG!!! I would have fucked that kid up if that was me, and the lady waited until they passed and she said if that was my child I would have knocked his fucking little ass out for the rest of the flight. And I was thinking that wow that could have been me thank you Jesus. So now we are in the air and I am blogging about this as we head to Newark international airport. Well we descending into Newark my old hometown be back later.heres Orlando 

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